1. Mobile App Development:

Mobile App development is a thorough process of building applications for hand-held devices and smartphones. These apps can be pre-installed by the manufacturers or installed by the user. Depending on the needs, mobile applications can be developed for either iOS or Android or both.

There are three types of Mobile App Development:

  • Native Mobile App Development: Native Apps are the ones that run natively on either of the platforms, i.e., Android or iOS. These apps are developed using SDKs and other tools offered by platform owners.
  • Hybrid Mobile App Development: They are web applications which behave like native apps. Some technologies used to develop Hybrid Mobile Apps are JavaScript, HTML, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Although these apps cost less to develop than Native apps with faster development time, they lack most features.
  • Cross Platform App Development: These applications can be written and developed in different programming languages. They can be later compiled to run on each platform individually.